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FEBRUARY 27, 2024

UPDATE 1.3.0
FEBRUARY 27, 2024

Greetings, Strangers! Update 1.3.0 will come soon- too soon, to be honest, but still packed with a lot of content, the details are down below

Abyssal Duel

After considering many of your feedback, we’ve decided to revamp the reward system of the Abyssal Duel. From now on, you can select whichever rewards from any stages you’ve passed before, but you still can only select 1 stage. We also decided to reduce the Checkpoint Stage every day to compensate with a wider variety of rewards you can get


Increased the maximum level of these masteries from level 500 to 3000

  • Close Quarter Expert 

  • Reinforce Armor Tactics 

Added new mastery

  • Health Boost, increase max HP by percentage, maximum of 3000 level


  • Heaven Sword

Reduce Crit chance buff duration

10.0s to 7.0s

  • Sword of Vengeance

Reduce skill damage per level from

500% / 600% / 700% / 800% / 900% to 550% / 600% / 650% / 700% / 750%


Increase Campaign stages from 25-20 to 30-20, we also increase overall difficulty, especially after Chapter 25, think of it as a new administration from the new Tower Overlord- you know who he is

Minor Changes

- Improved optimization in some stages

- Improved Abyssal Duel: Evil School 

- Fixed Skill cooldown not working correctly

- Fixed reduce DEF debuff not working correctly

- Fixed a lot of Skill buffs not working correctly

- Fixed compatibility issues with the Turkish alphabet

- Fixed Typography

We apologize for your inconvenient and thank you for playing Evil Soul

- Giant Whale Studio

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